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The WB-ESG100 electrostatic grounding alarm is suitable for loading dangerous goods such as fuel and chemical industry. 


Static Ground Alarm

  • The effective connection of the grounding clamp, grounding clamp cable, grounding cable, and grounding pile enables the connecting device to form equipotential with the earth and introduce static electricity into the earth. Continuous testing of the resistance values of the connecting device loop and the grounding terminal loop ensures that the positive of the electrostatic grounding loop of the device meets the safety standards, and ensures the safety of electrostatic grounding during the storage and transportation of dangerous goods.


    · Low power consumption design, long standby (ESG100-A battery version). 
    · Core parts are sealed, anti-corrosive, waterproof and moisture-proof.
    · Provide high decibel sound alarm, prompt grounding state.
    · Stainless steel grounding clamp, strong elastic force, safe and reliable, durable.
    · External communication interface is provided to facilitate system integration (ESG100-B integration edition).



    Item Parameters
    Working temperature
    -40 to 60℃
    Response time
    Sense resistor <50Ω
    Ex-proof Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
    Alert Audible alarm
    Communication RS485 ( ESG100-B integrated version)
    Cable length
    Electrostatic grounding clip end cable length 5m, grounding cable length
    3m (Customizable)
  • WB-SS160Plus