The tank truck automatic tank gauge system is composed of the magnetostrictive probe WB-SP200T and inclination sensor, which is used for the measurement and monitoring of oil products in the Tank truck.


Automatic Tank Gauge System

  • This module can replace manual measure, and calculate fuel volume in the tank through the volume table of Tank truck. By collecting real-time data from nodes such as in transit monitoring, outbound,  handover, and alarm of the tank gauge, automatic metering, abnormal liquid level fluctuation alarm, and V20 loss and overflow statistics during oil transportation can be achieved.

    The "cloud platform" system connects with the oil delivery data of the oil depot, compares the "receiving data" of the tank truck tank gauge with the "sending data" of the cloud platform, and assists the tank truck driver in "loading acceptance"; Similarly, after the arrival of the Tank truck, according to the automatic metering data of the liquid level meter, it can also assist the oil station in the "arrival acceptance" before unloading.

  • Item Parameters
     Purpose  Used to measure the liquid level and temperature inside oil tank trucks
     Measurement accuracy  ± 0.5 mm
     Repeatability   ± 0.1 mm
     Temperature reading error  ± 0.2 ℃
     Oil level/water level resolution  0.01mm
     Temperature resolution  0.01 ℃
     Maximum communication distance 1200m
     Explosion proof Ex ia IIB T4 Ga
     Protection grade IP68
     Communication RS485


  • WB-SS160Plus

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