The WB-SE100 tank gauge console is designed with ex-proof technology and can be installed directly without the need for other protective facilities. It is suitable for use in flammable and explosive hazardous areas such as skid-mounted site.

SE100 Tank Gauge Console

  • · Simultaneously monitor 1-3 fuel tanks in real-time, visually displaying fuel level, water level and temperature.
    · Automatic sound-light alarm and alarm resolution, and generation of alarm reports.
    · It can achieve alarms for high and low fuel level, high and low temperature, and high water level.
    · It can manual shift handover, and generated shift handover reports and inventory reports.
    · It can automatically monitor the unloading situation and generate an oil unloading report.
    · It can be connected to oil-gas concentration monitoring devices and leak sensors to achieve oil-gas concentration and double-wall tank leak alarms.
    · Equipped with a standard 7 relay control, it can achieve intelligent control of related equipment such as sound-light alarms and unloading pumps.
    · Liquid level information can be directly connected to mainstream petrol station management systems.




    Technical Parameters



    Ambient temperature

    -20℃ to +60℃

    Display screen

    Monochrome 6 inch, 320*240

    Relay port

    AC220V/10A, DC30V/10A

    Relay No.


    Monitor probe

    Up to 3

    Oil gas concentration sensor

    3, Up to 5

    Explosion proof

    Ex db [ia Ga] lIA T4 Gb

    Protection grade IP54
    Dimensions 42*36*16cm, 25kg
  • WB-SP300
    Wireless Transmitter Device

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