WB-SP300NS AdBlue magnetostrictive probe is specially designed for chemical storage tank, can accurately measure product level and temperature for individual tanks. Available for AdBlue.

SP300NS AdBlue Magnetostrictive Probe

  • The probe consist of SS floater kits, casing tube, flange, measuring rod, SS316L protection tube and probe head. 


    · Real time data transmission.

    · Five-point temperature sensing.

    · Digital signal transmit with anti-interruption ability.

    · Maximum communication distance: 1200m.

    · High percision as 0.5mm and resolutino as 0.01mm.

    · Leak detect function: Standard -- 0.38L/H or 0.76L/H.

    · More reliable, environment friendly, could be used in torrid climate and freezing climate.

    · Non-corrosion 316 stainless steel ensure longer lifetime in most petroleum products.

    · Trouble-free, easy to install an operate.

    · IP67 protection grade.


     Type  Product floater
     Material  SS
     Size  φ57*71


  • Item

    Technical Parameters



     Working voltage

     12V DC




     Repeatability  +/-0.1mm

     Explosion-proof mark

     Exia IIA T4 Ga

     Working temperature

     -40 to 60℃
     Temperature accuracy  +/-0.2℃

     Temperature sensor

     Communication distance  1200m
     Associated apparatus

     GSB03 safety barrier


  • WB-SS160Plus

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