Q1: What is the floater kits size of tank level gauge probe?

A1: For Windbell magnetostrictive tank level gauge probe, both of oil floater and water floater, Standard 2'', optional smaller size as 48mm or

       bigger( 3'') floater kits.


Q2: Could I cut short probe when installation? Beucause I offer wrong tank data when ordering?

A2: It forbidden. The tank level gauge probe is manufactured strictly base on the tank size and site condition, the user who offer wrong tank data

      will find probe too long or too short when install, but the probe can not be cut short after delivery out of factory.

      It will bring two serious result and dangerous. Firstly it will enlarge measure error, highly lower precision; secondly construct probe again will

      bring huge potential dangerous on safey working. The probe is working inside tank, oil penetrate into stainless steel pipe because of poor



Q3: If i order wrong probe(too long or too short), how can i do?

A3: A. Too long, You can extend the riser pipe, and it will have no effect on the accuracy of probe, and you do not need to recalibrate the

      probe either. Of course, if you want to order a new probe, it is ok too.

      B. Too short, If too short, then you need to order new probe. 

       Note: if the probe is standard size which we supply often, you can change the probe, but you need to pay the transportation expenses.


Q4: How to install tank gauge console and probe?

A4: Note:

     ● For tank level gauge probe is high-precision product, please take carefully when moving!

     ● Please make sure the vertical of probe, otherwise will affect measure precision.

     ● Don't draw-off communication cable of probe when installation.


     1. Take probe out of package box.

     2. Record “Manufacturing Code” on nameplate of probe, in reserve for communication.

     3. Remove foam package of probe.

     4. Install fixed plate at top and bottom of electric house.

     5. Insert communication cable to the socket at top of electric house tightly.

     6. Carefully put oil floater and water floater at the bottom of probe.

     7. Insert probe into oil tank carefully by two hands, then hold fixed plate and adjust probe to be vertical.


     1. Look for convenient place on the wall in office, to install tank gauge smart console.

     2. Install the fixed plate of console tightly on the wall by expansion screw.

     3. Hang tank gauge console on the fixed plate reliably.

     4. The PE of console should be connected to earth reliably with more than 6 mm² multi-core copper soft cables. 


Q5: How can i import tank volume table into console?

A5: First click “setup”, secondly click “tank table”, then click “import” button to enter into the setup interface.

      Choose the tank by Tank No., click “Search” to display this tank’s volume table. Insert flash disk into the USB port below                console.

      Click “Import” button to transmit tank volume table from flash disk to console.

      Click “Export” button to download the tank volume table from console to flash disk.

      Click Save after finish.


Q6: If “No table.csv find!” occurs when import tank volume table, how to solve this problem?

A6: A, Check the file naming, you should name the file like“table*.csv”, * refer to tank number(like 1, 2, 3, etc.), no blank space          between

           “table” and  “*”.

      B, Change the flash drive, we usually use Kingston flash drive.



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