The probe consist of SS floater kits, casing tube, flange, measuring rod, SS316L protection tube and probe head. Applied in LPG tank.

SP300LPG Magnetostrictive Probe

  • SP300LPG can accurately measure the product level and take completely control of LPG inventory, also can transmit data to console in real time.


    1. Stainless steel structure, corrosion and impact resistance.

    2. Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design.

    3. Non-contact measurement, long service life.

    4. Good repeatability, stable and reliable.

    5. Anti-surge, anti-interference.

    6. No need for regular calibration and maintenance.

    7. High precision and resolution.

    8. Exquisite structure, strong environment adaptability.

    9. Reverse polarity protection.

    10. Convenient installation and maintenance.


     Type  LPG floater
     Integrated density  0.4-0.45g/m³
     Pressure resistant  ≥3.5MPa
     Material  SS
     Size  φ90*25*90


  • Item

    Technical Parameters



     Working voltage

     12V DC




     Repeatability  +/-0.1mm

     Explosion-proof mark

     Exia IIA T4 Ga

     Working temperature

     -40 to 60℃
     Temperature accuracy  +/-0.2℃

     Temperature sensor

     Working perssure  1.6MPa
     Protection grade   IP68
     Communication distance  1200m
     Associated apparatus

     GSB03 safety barrier


  • WB-SS160Plus

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