Skid-mounted site solutions

Skid-mounted site is a gas station that integrates ground fire resistant oil storage tanks, fuel dispensers, and automatic fire extinguishers and can be relocated as a whole. As a new type of mobile gas station, it has the characteristics of fireproof and ex-proof, safety and environmental protection, small footprint, and easy relocation.


It is widely used at bus stops, ports, docks, airports, large construction sites, and internal gas stations of enterprises.


Due to the significant difference between the environment of the skid-mounted site and the gas station, it is not only necessary to connect the magnetostrictive probe to the ex-proof tank gauge console to achieve fuel level monitoring. And it needs to integrate various functions such as sound-light alarm, oil vapor concentration sensor, static grounding alarm, double-wall tank leakage detection alarm, oil unloading anti overflow control, back-end data management, etc. The integrated monitoring system of WINDBELL’s Skid-mounted site uses WB-SE100 ex-proof console as the core monitoring platform, integrating multiple monitoring devices to meet the automation, integration, and intelligent management requirements of the Skid Mounted Site.

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