WINDBELL SS200A tank gauge console , with a 8 inch LCD touch screen, can monitor the oil level, water level, density (optional), and temperature information in real-time in the oil storage tank.

SS200A Tank Gauge Console

  • 1. Automatically measure the oil level, water level, density (supported by density probes), and temperature of the oil tank, and automatically calculate the storage capacity of the tank.


    2. Capable of generating or printing delivery, sales, inventory, and alarm reports, providing gas stations with comprehensive management plans for the delivery, sales, and inventory of oil products.


    3. Implement automatic or manual shift handover.


    4. Equipped with high and low oil level alarms, pre alarm, high water level alarm, high temperature alarm, oil tank leakage alarm, etc.


    5. Can simultaneously monitor multiple oil tanks in real-time (suitable for various types of oil tanks with a diameter of less than 5 meters).


    6. Equipped with 2 relay output interfaces, it can be externally connected to an explosion-proof sound and light alarm in the oil tank area.


    7. Equipped with RS-485 output interface, it can be externally connected with oil unloading anti overflow device and submersible oil pump anti rotation control device.


    8. Equipped with density measurement function, it can be connected to a density liquid level probe to measure oil density, oil level, water level, and temperature in real-time.


    9. Equipped with static leak detection function and capable of connecting leak sensors.


    10. Supporting environmental sensor input, capable of connecting to double layer oil tank gap leakage detection, manhole well, bottom of fuel dispenser, and groundwater oil and gas monitoring environmental sensors.


    11. When a single oil tank is not refueled, it has a anti-theft oil alarm function.


    12. Have multi-level password access management.


    13. Adopting standard communication protocols and open communication protocols, it can connect to common gas station management systems, support third-party software entry and secondary development, and be able to upload data in real-time or automatically to relevant business management systems.


    14. Support remote monitoring, achieve real-time data query and data summary query on remote computers through the internet.


    15. Strong scalability.


    16. The product has the advantages of convenient use, stable performance, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, and has the function of self diagnosis of equipment faults.

  • Item

    Technical Parameters



    Ambient temperature


    Number of tank gauges that can be connected

    Basic configuration can monitor 8 oil tanks, up to 32

    Display screen

    8 inch LCD touch screen

    RS-232 port


    RS-485 port


    USB port


    External expansion relay


    Ethernet port


    Explosion proof

    [Ex ia Ga] lIA

    Dimensions 42*36*16cm


  • SMS Module
    GPRS Module
    Built-in Printer
  • WB-SP300
    Wireless Transmitte Module

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