Probe Installation Process

1.Take probe out of package box.

2.Record "Manufacturing Code" on nameplate of probe,  later communication setting will use it. 

3.Remove foam package of probe. 

4.Install fixed plate at both ends of electric house. 

5.Plug communication cable into the socket at top of electric house and screw it tightly. 

6.Carefully put oil floater and water floater at the bottom of probe. 

7.Put probe into oil tank carefully by two hands, thenhold fixed plate and adjust probe to be vertical,  installation position  please see Fig. 6.

Console Installation 

1. Look for convenient place on the wall in office, to install smart console.

2. Install the fixed plate of console tightly on the wall by expansion screw.

3. Hang console on the fixed plate reliably.

4. The PE of console should be connected to grounding reliably with more than 6 mm² multi-core copper soft cables.

5. Power supply AC220V.


Installation dimension drawing of console (Unit: mm)

Probe Installation

The installation quality of ATG system and its accessories have a close bearing on safety, service quality, measuring accuracy and lifetime.

In order to operate safely, please comply with this notice. If it is out of accord with local regulation, please install and operate according to local regulation.

Probe Installation Notice

2. During installation, please keep vertical of probe, otherwise will affect the accuracy of measurement.

1. For probe is high-precision product, please handle gently during move and installation.

3. Don't draw-off communication cable of probe when installation.

Accessories Installation Safety Warning

1. Every accessory must be installed in order and the order cannot be reversed.

2. Explosion-proof isolation sealed tube joint must be full filled with  explosion proof daub, to prevent oil gas enters into control house  through protection steel pipe.

3. Cables must be tightly compressed by sealing element, to  prevent the infiltration of oil and gas.

4. All accessories must be screwed tightly.

5. The explosion proof junction box shall be grounded reliably, and the section area of the grounding wire shall be more than 6mm2.

6. When fasten the riser pipe flange and the bland flange, do not forget the sheet copper.

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