Windbell gas station wireless ATG system adopts LoRa modulation technology, aiming at the scene of gas station in cases such as difficult on wiring, damaged cables in use, and inability to construct.


Simple installation the wireless data transmitter, realizes wireless and intelligent liquid level measurement and leak monitoring.

Wireless Data Transmitter

  • 1. Multi-tank monitoring: can monitor the oil level, water level and five points temperature in 15 tanks at the same time.
    2. Query and print reports: delivery, selling, inventory and alarm reports.
    3. Alarm: High and low oil level, high water level, high temperature alarm etc.
    4. Visual monitoring: 8'' or 12'' color touch screen, color graphic text display.
    5. Remote monitor: Monitor the data of each site in real time through PCand mobile APP.
    6. Long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability.
    7. Low power consumption.
    8. Easy to use: Long battery life, modular design, easy to replace.
    9. Display power in real time: Low battery warning, alarm and record.
    10. Open communication protocol: Provide techical support for third-party software.

  • Item

    Technical Parameters

     Emission frequency


     Transmit power


     Transmission rate


     Battery life

     About 2 years (send interval 1 minute)
     Wierless communication distance (sight distance)  ≤500m


     Exia IIA T4 Ga

     Working temperature

     -40 to 70℃
    Protection  IP68


  • WB-SS160Plus

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