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CLK100 leak controller can connect with CLS100 series leak sensor, can monitor leakage in real time, also have sound-light alarm function.

CLK100 Leak Controller

  • The controller can monitor leakage in real time, also have sound-light alarm function. 


    Once there is a leakage occurs in the interlayer, the liquid will trigger the sensor, and the sensor will send out a signal to the leak alarm controller, when the alarm controller receives signals from the sensor, will automatically determine leakage information and give a lighting display and sound light alarm. 


    According to the alarm, users can make a timely response and take measures to avoid the occurrence of potential safety hazard and environmental pollution.


    ● Monitoring oil and water leakage in real time.

    ● Explosion-proof design, safe and reliable.

    ● Compact structure, easy installation and maintenance.

    ● Beautiful and fashionable appearance, easy installation and maintenance.

    ● Explosion-proof design, safe and reliable.

    ● Monitor up to 8 leak sensors.

    ● With mute button, can eliminate sound alarm when alarm occurs but do not affect light alarm.




  • Item Parameters

    Power supply

    AC220V, 0.2A

    Working temperature

    -20℃ to +60℃

    Installation position

    Safety zone

    Safety barrier


    Alarm mode

    Sound light alarm

    Explosion-proof mark

    [Exia Ga]IIA

    Standard cable length


    Monitor sensors

    Up to 8

  • WB-CLS100